A printed book allows you to formalise a body of work. Unlike a single image, a book brings narrative and context to a project or collection. A book can be created as an object in its own right, or as an accompaniment to an exhibition or gallery sale.

Andrew Pengilly
Turner’s House
Charlie Smith

We have the dual insight of being artists and designers. When first seeking to publish short-run photobooks we noticed the absence of a genuine quality service. To fill this gap we now apply our extensive experience and knowledge of design, print and binding to offer a quality bespoke publishing service.

Limited-edition photobooks are desirable to collectors and enthusiasts alike and can help establish an artist’s name. Collector’s editions, signed, and boxed with an artist’s print can achieve a price well beyond the cost of production, making them affordable to publish.

Distribution accounts for much of the cost in large-scale publishing. But books produced in relatively small runs can enable artists and galleries to distribute themselves, through events, book fairs, exhibitions, independent bookshops and the internet, as well as through the shop on this site.

Kayung Lai
Chinese Restaurants

The internet enables artists to build up and engage with their audience. It offers limitless avenues for promotion and distribution. Crowdfunding websites such as Kickstarter and Indiegogo also enable artists to secure funding for a project before going to production.

Corinne Silva
Imported Landscapes

We design our books to complement your work, carefully selecting size, choice of materials, typographic design and finishing techniques. Our production partners give you the best of both worlds, combining leading-edge print technology with traditional hand-craft bookbinding.

Recent technological advancements in the printing industry are key to our service. Where once short-run printing was either cost-prohibitive or poor quality, high-quality books can now be produced in limited runs, without compromising budget or production.

Virgílio Ferreira
Blurred Times

We create high quality limited-edition books for artists. We believe the content should always inform the design, look and feel of the book and be reflected in its format, layout, typography, binding and finishing.